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It's cold outside. It's winter and days with flying weather are few and far between. However, that doesn't mean we need to pack up our goggles and wait for spring.

Here's how I put FPV cameras on all the things!

Vortex 1/18th Scale Truck

This little truck is super fast and super fun. It works great out of the box, so there's not much to say. Let's take it apart.

Turns out that the whole electronics bay is epoxied, which makes it waterproof, but really hard to add a camera.

It comes with at 1100mah 2s battery.

I ended up just wiring the voltage regulator inline with the battery connector, then to this 5v camera:

GoolRC G90 Micro Brushed Hex

This little guy is a sweet indoor brushed micro quadcopter. It even comes with a tiny SBUS receiver that had no problem binding to the DJT module for my FlySky 9x.

Unfortunately, it comes with CleanFlight installed.

No worries though, I immediately flashed it to BetaFlight.

You'll need to set UART2 to SerialRx

Then enable SerialRx and SBUS.

Or you can use my BetaFlight 3.1 config from here https://gist.github.com/nathantsoi/264eed8a03639858c7ee52da6af2c480

Tiny Rock Crawler

I also picked up a little FVP Camera.

The idea is to mount it on the car like this.

So I took the car apart to find a place to solder on the camera.

The battery is a 320mah NiCad.

And here are the electronics.

The camera takes 5v, so I'll use a linear voltage regulator to bring the battery voltage down to 5v. I'm using an AMS1117. I'm using the chip by itself, but I suggest you get one of these, that already has pin headers.

I soldered the camera leads straight to the battery leads, then I zip-tied the wires in case something gets pulled, I dont want to stress the solder points. I covered the whole thing in heat shrink

Then I reamed-out a hole in the canopy using my step drill bit.

And mounted the camera with a piece of tape.

It works! Here's the video feed on my goggle monitor combo

Hope this was helpful. If so, feel free to checkout my YouTube channel, get updates when a new article is posted by following on Feedly and read the the other guides at nathan.vertile.com/blog