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This is an overview of the new OmnibusF3 Pro from Airbot.

It even has an LC filter. Awesome!


The OmnibusF3 Pro has all the awesomeness of the OmnibusF3 including the integrated OSD, SPI MPU6000 and SDCard. The Pro version adds more features such as the barometer, current sensor, integrated PDB and LC Filter!

Read the full OmnibusF3 review and setup guide in the Omnibus Flight Controller and Airbot Typhoon 180 Miniquad Build article.


Bridge two of these pads to pick the voltage that will be applied to the RAM bus (the video pins).

The 4-in-1 ESC can be connected via the SH1.0 connector:

Or connected via the standard 2.54mm pins on top.

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