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This is a review and user guide for the Turnigy Reaktor 250W 10A 1-6S Balance Charger


Here's everything that comes in the box:

Features include:

  • IR measurement

  • Automatic cell count detection

  • Temperature based fan control

  • Configurable max voltage per lipo cell, up to 4.3v


The Reaktor 250w is an amazing deal at $39.99, given it's features are comparable to the much more expensive iCharger 106B which runs $89.99.

Parallel Charging

Parallel charging makes it possible to charge multiple batteries of the same cell count and capacity all at once.

When parallel charging, remember to:

  • Only charge batteries of the same voltage (cell count) and capacity

  • Plug in the main power plug (XT-60) before the balance plug

Serial Data

Download LogView

Select the device: iCharger 106B

Then click the Source tab and pick Silicone from the drop down.

Charging High Voltage Lipos

The Reaktor Charger can be configured to charge up to 4.3 volts per cell for lipo batteries.

Configure the Reaktor Charger for high voltage charging by powering on the charger then:

  • click the left button, Batt Type, until you get to settings

  • click the second to the left button, Dec, until you get to LiPo Termination

  • click the far right button to increase the LiPo Termination value to it's max value 4.3

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