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If you live in the SF Bay Area, come to Make Faire on May 20-22 and build a drone with me!

I'll be hosting an exhibit called Drone Building 101 where I'll be helping folks build their own FPV mini-quad. We'll be building stuff like this little 160mm FPV racing drone: BeeRotor160 Build.

Fill out this google form so I know you're coming: http://goo.gl/forms/djCWo2l39G

Here are some ways you can join in on the fun:

  • If you're into drone building and would like to help others with their builds, fill out the above form and I'll add you to the schedule!

  • If you have a mini-quad you're working on building, bring it and we'll help you get it setup and flying! Wondering what else you need to bring or what day to come? Fill out the form and I'll coordinate!

  • If you're new to the scene, order all the parts for a mini-quad, bring it to Maker Faire and we'll help you build it! Wondering what parts to order? Fill out the form and I'll help you out!

  • If you're a supplier, I'm looking for sponsors to help other Maker's make drones. Let me know, fill out the form!

You can see the profile page for my exhibit on the Maker Faire website here: http://makerfaire.com/maker/entry/55522/

Hope this was helpful. If so, feel free to checkout my YouTube channel, get updates when a new article is posted by following on Feedly and read the the other guides at nathan.vertile.com/blog